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Tue Feb 18 2020 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

I'm not about to touch the question of which house is the best. I love them all. Especially Blue Lions.

S+: #

Dmitri - no question
Dedue - Honestly should be #1, that's just how loyal he is to Dmitri, he'd rather it be this way.
Dorothea - She would have been my wife, then she died in my final battle. So sad. :(
Linhardt - Best sleepy boy, and the only gay option worth any beans.
Sothis - I don't even know why I like her so much.

S: #

*Shamir - please sit on my face
*Catherine - also please sit on my face
Sylvain - i want to hate him but I just can't, dang heart stealer
Bernadetta - nobody hates bernie, just show her love please
Hilda - best part of Golden Deer
Lysithea - white hair, smart, witch, can use two magics
Jeralt - voiced by Jiraiya

A: #

Claude - He's better than Edelgard
Edelgard - Crazy ex girlfriend that you kinda wanna hook back up with
*Lady Rhea - I like strong women?
*Manuela - Lady Rhea with less dogma and more sexual frustration
Ignatz - just wants to make art, okay?
Mercedes - So sweet, just wants the world to be okay.
Ashe - Naive, innocent, I hate his voice but I love Ashe

C+: #

*Hanneman - I'd go to book club with him
Ingrid - more than a bit racist, but working on it?
Annette - I have no reason to hate her, but she's boring
Seteth - nice stick up your butt lol
Marianne - horsegirl Bernadetta

F: #

Gilbert - just stop it with the family drama!
Alois - WAY too friendly
Felix - too much of a bad boy to ever redeem himself
Petra - it's my fault for not playing through Black Eagles yet, I just don't care about Petra yet
Cyril - ignorant loyal, probably whacks it to Lady Rhea
Ferdinand - his personality is "top shelf white bread"
Raphael - let him remind you how not-smart he is at every turn
Caspar - stop trying to fight me just because you are short
Leonie - Get off Jeralt's dongus and help me save the world huh?

So much F it loops back to S+: #

Lorenz - I hate him so much, so so much. But then post timeskip he is an adonis. Best hair in the game, and I resent that.

But Wait! #

I forgot to mention that I'm grading on a curve, so everyone gets an A. Seriously, go play Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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